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                                                  AVS unattended car scale

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                                                  Detailed introduction

                                                  System model:AVS                                                           

                                                  Railing machine model:IMG-25                                                

                                                  Light screen model:RLK31-6/31/115                                   

                                                  Frequency of radio frequency induction system:902-928MHZ         

                                                  Traffic light power:20-30W                                                

                                                  Normal design of the pound frequency:50 cars / hours

                                                  Traffic light model:HTX-2A                                                

                                                  Railing machine lifting time:1.2-1.4S                                         

                                                  Induction distance of electronic license plate:0-4米              

                                                  Traffic light life:100000Hr                                                         

                                                  Industrial control machine model: Yanhua 610H                    

                                                  Radio frequency card reader model:SRR-900X

                                                  Balustrade power:60-80W                                                 

                                                  Number of times of card reading and writing:100000Hr              

                                                  working voltage:220V , 50Hz

                                                  With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for energy enterprises and polluting enterprises is getting higher and higher, the production efficiency is high, and the labor intensity of the people should be paid more attention. In some industries, the manual simple recording operation can not meet the needs of the user's symmetric and heavy management. It is becoming more and more important for enterprises to have fast, accurate, high efficiency weighing, multi car weighing network to realize data sharing, effective management of weighing data, unattended weighing site, and anti cheating weighing. According to the practical needs of the society, all the competent enterprises begin to study the unattended weighing calendars system. On the basis of their own rich weighing experience and strong technical research and development strength, the AVS unmanned automatic weighing system has been successfully developed. It provides users with more than just a simple weighing device, but a complete set of weighing management solutions. Through the implementation of AVS, weighing measurement and management efficiency will be improved and improved. The results of the measurement will be more accurate, real and effective. At the same time, the resource sharing of weighing data will be realized, and the relevant measurement data are provided for the financial, transportation settlement, and the control of the material import and export factory. The system is composed of top DJSX or top DJSA digital electronic truck scale and AVS (Automatic vehicle weighting System) vehicle automatic identification and weighing management system. When the vehicle is installed with an electronic license plate, the system can detect whether the vehicle belongs to the system vehicle or not to weigh. If the vehicle is detected at the time of the system, the vehicle can be automatically weighed by the vehicle. Dynamic recording and preservation, which can greatly improve the user's work efficiency and work quality, and improve the management level of enterprises.

                                                  Automatic weighing, without manual intervention, automatically guide the vehicle up and down the automatic identification of vehicle information data automatically saved or uploaded.

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