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                                                  Some of the common misunderstandings of the pound
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                                                  The electronic weigher is a weighing instrument, often used in the acquisition station, the automobile industry, the logistics industry, the factory industry, the construction construction and other fields. The range of the product is unlimited, the small range can reach 1 tons of electronic weighs, can the large amount reach 200 tons, meet almost all the products, and can be customized according to the customer's needs. The design of the product is simple.

                                                  When weighing the weigher, there are three kinds of error. The error is generally divided into system error, random error and rough error. The system error mainly comes from the weight error of the electronic weigher itself. The random error may be caused by the increase of the error for a long time. How should we face it?

                                                  Random error treatment method: the reduction or elimination of random error: according to the characteristics of the random error obeying the statistical law, the random error can be reduced or eliminated by the method of multiple measurement and statistical processing.

                                                  Gross error handling method: elimination of gross errors: data with gross error in data processing should be eliminated. The tester should be strict and avoid negligence.

                                                  The maximum limit of the outer profile of a car: the width of the truck and bus is 2.5m, and the width limit of the low flat trailer train is 3M, and the length of the longest three axle semi trailer is also within 18m. Therefore, the electronic Hanging Scale weighs more, and the effect is not large, so long as it is suitable.

                                                  But we often see on the spot that the car weighs the cars with the width 4m (or even 4.5m) and the length 18m (or even 21m). In fact, for a car with wide 2.5m, the outer scale of the same axle is also placed on the 2.2m; for a semi trailer with a length of 18m, the front and back wheelbase of the tire does not exceed the 15m'. Under such circumstances, when a driver controls a car with a speed of 5km/h, it is very easy to drive a carrier with a width of 3M and a length of 18m.

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