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                                                  Selection and installation attention of weighing module
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                                                  (1) attention to selection of weighing module

                                                  The selection of electronic weighing module is generally chosen according to the supporting point of the container to select the range of 3 one or 4 one set of modules. Due to the weight of the scale body (container), the vibration impact and the partial load, the following rules are generally chosen. Multi sensor static weighing system:

                                                  The fixed load (weighing platform, container, etc.) + variable load (the load required to be weighed) is less than the rated load of the sensor * the number of sensors of the sensor by X 70%, of which 70% of the coefficient is taken into consideration of the factors of vibration, impact and partial load.

                                                  (2) precautions for installation

                                                  The weighing module should pay attention to horizontal adjustment, including the horizontal adjustment between the installation plane of a single module and a weighing module.

                                                  When welding, the sensor can not pass through the current, and when the roof is welded, the ground wire should be connected to the scale body. When the floor is welded, the ground wire should be connected to the base to prevent the damage of the sensor.

                                                  The weighing module, if there is a pipeline on the weighing body, should be replaced with a hose or a connection pipe as long as possible to prevent them from eating the real load of the sensor and causing errors.

                                                  A weight check table should be welded on the container for verification. Containers are usually placed without weights, and a platform is needed for placing weights. Usually, it is welded below the container to facilitate placing weights up and down.

                                                  The junction box must pay attention to moistureproof, and the excess hole should be blocked with a sealing plug. If the junction box is installed outside, the protective box must be added to prevent rain. The failure of the junction box due to the damp of the junction box often occurs, so we must pay enough attention to it.

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